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Counterfeit U.S. Currency

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The detection and prosecution of individuals charged with counterfeiting United States currency involves banks; local, state and federal law enforcement; federal prosecutors; and, the United States Treasury Department to name a few. It is an extremely serious crime and if you are being investigated for or you have been charged with this crime, we urge you to get immediate help.

Being in possession of counterfeit currency is a felony offense. If other alleged crimes are involved it can become even more complex and you will need insightful, hard-hitting defense counsel that is experienced in all aspects of this kind of case. Since these cases can often involve state and federal laws and procedures you will need a legal team that has worked with and gotten results in both. Not all attorneys are skilled in both state and federal courts. Make sure the legal team you have is able to create the best possible results for you.

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Our firm believes firmly in the right of every citizen to effective legal counsel whenever it is alleged they have committed a crime. It is a fundamental right in our country and we find ourselves continuously reminding our associates that an individual in our justice system is innocent until proven guilty. We remind you that the burden of proof is on the prosecution, not those charged with a crime. Alleged crimes must be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

There is a great deal that can be done by an experienced and determined NYC criminal defense lawyer to protect your freedom and ensure your rights. Contact us today.


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