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Preparing for a New York City DWI Arraignment?

Protect Your Rights with an NYC DWI Defense Lawyer

One of the first steps in the DWI process, an arraignment is the hearing in which you are formally charged. The outcome of this court appearance can significantly impact the final decision that is made regarding your charges. Avoid making the mistake of waiting until after your arraignment to retain a New York City DWI attorney - seek counsel even before this crucial court hearing.

Our firm can assess your situation, analyze the evidence against you, and determine the most effective ways to challenge this evidence. Our goal is to seek a dismissal or an acquittal and we will work tirelessly toward this end. Your future matters; our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to treat it as such.

Effectively Challenging the Evidence Against You

It can seem easier to just plead guilty and accept the penalties imposed by the court. Our firm cannot advise against this enough. We know that in even the most complex cases, there is a good chance that the evidence can be successfully countered. You owe it to yourself to find out what can be done in your case.

Our firm may be able to utilize the following strategies:

  • Challenging the breath test results
  • Challenging the officer's conduct during the arrest
  • Challenging whether there was any probable cause

We will fight aggressively for any advantage that could help you to avoid the harsh penalties imposed upon you. A DWI conviction cannot be removed from your driving record after a conviction. There are many compelling reasons to take action to seek to dismiss or reduce your DWI charges and our firm is here to work toward this end.

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