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New York City Child Custody Attorney

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The most difficult part of a divorce where children are involved is the separation of the children from each parent. It breaks our hearts as parents, and causes immeasurable anguish and fear for most children. At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we understand how hard it is to part with your daily routine of living with your children. Our family law attorneys in New York City strive to keep you connected with your children throughout the divorce process and after the final decree has been signed by a judge.

Establishing a Fair Custody Arrangement

Getting a fair child custody arrangement can be extremely difficult if one of the parties is not represented by counsel. The court will attempt to do what is in the best interest of the children, but without a qualified and experienced family law attorney fighting for your rights as a parents, situations arise which are almost impossible for the layperson to overcome.

Accusations of irresponsible behavior, drug use, alcohol abuse, or other illegal behavior are often leveled at one parent in an effort to discredit them and keep them away from their most cherished relationships, those of their children. Without legal representation, parents can be steamrolled by opposing counsel and end up losing most if not all of their rights as a custodial parent.

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How is Custody Determined in New York City?

Generally, the court will come up with some sort of visitation custody arrangement where both parents are involved in the children's lives.

There are certain situations in which the child is in danger while in the care of one parent, such as:

  • Is an alcohol or drug addict
  • Suffers from mental illness
  • Has a history of committing acts of domestic violence or abuse

Even then, the court may order chaperoned visitation. Other times, one parent may receive sole custody and the other 'unfit' parent will not.

The guiding principle in child custody court decisions will be based upon what is deemed to be in "the best interests of the child." Your own concerns about the safety of health of your children are far less important if not supported by substantial evidence and testimony. If you believe that your children are in any way endangered while in the care of the other parent, it is imperative that there is compelling evidence presented to the court that fully supports this claim.

Child Custody Forms in New York

The court will follow a specific formula if you have not been successful in working out these details with the other parent. As the best interests of the child are of greatest concern, you can expect the court to question you heavily if your parenting plan does not appear to reflect this approach. Our firm is highly skilled in all custody matters, and is prepared to assist you immediately. If you have questions or concerns about this process, contact us and we can advise you how to proceed with pursuing your objectives regarding the custody of your child.

There are several types of custody arrangements that are common under state law such as:

  • Joint Physical Custody - The child has two homes and spends time at each residence
  • Joint Legal Custody - Parents have shared custody and share decision making for certain aspects of the child's life
  • Legal Custody - One or both parents have the legal ability to make decisions (medical, religious, schooling, etc.)
  • Sole Custody - This is sought after in situations where it is unsafe for the other parent to be around the child

Work with an Award-Winning Child Custody Attorney

Once a child custody arrangement is actually reached, disgruntled ex-spouses are notorious for using the children as a weapon against their ex-spouse. Without savvy, skilled legal representation, the results can be disastrous for the children as well as the targeted parent. Don't let yourself be run over by another lawyer or your ex-spouse in a court of law.

The court can only do so much for you on your behalf. Many parents expect the courts to protect their child custody interests for them, but this is rarely the case. You must have a competent, highly trained advocate in your corner in order to ensure that your children's best interests are looked after.

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