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Enforcing Child Custody in New York City

New York City Child Custody Attorney

Child custody orders issued as part of a divorce settlement are legal documents that must be obeyed by all parties. Need a child custody attorney for your case in New York City? If your former spouse is acting in violation of the parenting plan that governs access to and care for your children, you can get the help of the family law team at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. to assert your rights.

Whether your custody arrangement is the result of an agreement you made in an uncontested divorce or if it was decided by the judge during a contested divorce, it is legally binding and enforceable by law. In most cases, violations of the custody plan are disruptive for everyone involved, but you and your children deserve respectful treatment and stability in your lives.

Need an attorney for a child custody enforcement case in New York City?

Parents who share joint custody often experience friction over the schedule of custody. Random changes to the schedule can be annoying, but when the situation has gotten bad enough that you are serious about putting an end to the conflicts, you can get a New York City divorce lawyer to assist you with enforcing the custody agreement.

Through mediation, you may be able to smooth out any problems with the custody plan without further legal action. If the other parent refuses to cooperate, you can go to court. When you can demonstrate that your ex-spouse is acting in breach of the custody order, the judge may charge contempt of court and you will have the legal system on your side.

A NYC Divorce Attorney Can Assist You!

One of the most serious situations that would call for you to get enforcement of a custody plan is if the other parent is making arrangements to move far enough away that you couldn't maintain joint custody. You can prevent such a move, or even reverse a relocation if it was made without a legal modification to child custody. At any time when there is a conflict over custody, you should avoid confrontations that could result in your children feeling parental alienation towards you. Let us do the work of getting the other parent to comply. Searching for a lawyer for your child custody case in New York City? You need the help of the most experienced family lawyer in New York City.

Contact a New York City enforcement lawyer if you need help enforcing a child custody order that is being violated by your ex-spouse.


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