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Organized Crime Charges in New York City

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Organized crime is generally defined as any structure or business that is the front for illegally gained income. This is also known as racketeering. However, there are many more crimes that can be considered to be related to organized crime activities, and being arrested and charged with any of them can bring serious devastation to your life, if you are convicted.

Organized crime can include the following:

Organized crime reaches far beyond what most of us understand. When facing charges for organized crime, you need to be aware of the penalties you may be facing if you are convicted. In addition to prison time and monetary fines, you may also be at risk of federal agencies seizing you assets, freezing your bank accounts, and more, all of which can leave you financially destitute it you are convicted. Speak with a NYC criminal defense attorney today to discuss your case.

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At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we are devoted to helping our clients through their organized crime charges. No matter what your charge is, we can offer you aggressive and experienced legal defense. We have years of experience handling organized crime cases, and as members of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense, the New York State Bar Association, our attorneys have the knowledge and capability to give you the best legal defense you can find.

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