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Determining Paternity in a New York Case

Paternity can be an issue in relationships that can affect a child's and family's future. In order to legally establish a father's responsibility towards his child, a paternity test can be conducted if the legitimacy of the paternity is uncertain.

Whether it must be determined at birth or during a separation or divorce process, the court needs to establish paternity to work out legal obligations of a father towards his child, as well as a father's rights with regards to visitation, custody and the right to have an ongoing influence on his child's life. If you need to address a legal issue involving paternity, our firm can help.

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Need a lawyer for your family law case in New York City? A New York City divorce lawyer at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. can provide legal guidance and support for any paternity matter. We can move forward to pursue a court ordered paternity test when necessary as well as engage in legal action to protect a father's rights to foster a relationship with his child.

We provide service to Spanish speaking families, as well as serve Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Understanding How Paternity Works

Generally, paternity is questioned at conception or when the child is born. There may, however, be a need to determine paternity at a later time in a child's life. There may be some instances where an individual was told he was the father, but in fact was not. Once a paternity test reveals a parent is not, in fact, a legal father, the alleged father could be legally released from any obligations towards the child.

Paternity can be established through DNA testing. It could be a critical issue as it can influence the following:

  • Affect child custody or a parenting plan
  • Affect child support
  • Affect visitation schedule
  • Obtain parental health history for the child
  • Release a person from obligation who is not the actual parent

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It is strongly recommended to secure skilled legal representation in order to ensure that the rights of the mother, father and child are protected. Looking for a lawyer for your family law case in New York City? You need to best family attorney in New York City. At our firm, we understand that these issues can be personally stressful. We urge you to contact our firm to discuss your paternity matter, and determine what your options are, and how to best resolve the issue.

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