Our Successful Verdicts

Our number one priority is to ensure that our clients get the representation they deserve and receive the best possible out come in their criminal defense, or family law, case. We care about our clients future, no matter the situation, striving to provide dedicated and caring representation while putting in the work necessary to ensure our client's rights are protected. However, don't take our word for it, check out our past case results and contact us today to begin speaking with a qualified attorney about your case.
    • 17 Year Old Client Who Was Accused of Committing Three Separate Armed Robberies No Jail Time

      Mr. Perez defended a 17 year old client who was accused of committing three separate armed robberies in Kings County, New York within a 30-day period. Mr. Perez fought very hard for this young man who was clearly heading down the wrong path in his young life. Not surprisingly, the district attorney was pushing hard for a lengthy prison sentence. Mr. Perez worked tirelessly on this client's case, eventually convincing the judge that under the law his client was eligible to take part in a non-incarceratory rehabilitation program, despite the district attorney's objections. As a result, the client was able to avoid jail time and at the same time put his life back on track. In addition, Mr. Perez was able to keep his client's criminal record completely clean.

    • Client Charged That He Allegedly Sexually Abused a Nine Year Old Girl Dismissal of All Charges

      Mr. Perez defended his client against charges that he allegedly sexually abused a nine year old girl. Through his investigations and efforts, Mr. Perez was able to get the charges against his client completely dismissed, maintaining his clean criminal record. Furthermore, the client was saved from having to register as a sex offender, which would have had devastating consequences on him and his family.

    • Client Facing Criminal Gun Charges in Kings County Dismissal of All Criminal Charges

      Mr. Perez represented a client who was facing gun charges stemming from a police raid on her boyfriend's apartment during which she was arrested. The case was brought before a grand jury which is an uncommon occurence. The result of the trial was a full dismissal of the charges facing the client.

    • Construction Worker Charged with Felony DWI Dismissal of All Criminal Charges

      Mr. Perez represented a construction worker charged with felony DWI, as it was his third alleged DWI within five years. As a result, this client was facing a felony charge with mandatory prison time. Mr. Perez successfully defended the client all the way through trial and achieved a not guilty verdict on all criminal charges, including the felony DWI charge. In doing so, Mr. Perez saved the client's personal freedom and his New York State driving privileges. Furthermore, had the client been convicted he would have been deported from the U.S. and separated from his family.

    • Not Guilty for 1st Degree Child Sex Abuse

      Attorney H. Benjamin Perez successfully obtained a "not guilty" verdict for a client facing charges of child sex abuse in the first degree.

    • Restaurant Waiter Charged in Westchester County with a Felony Charge of Grand Larceny Negotiated Dismissal of All Criminal Charges

      Mr. Perez represented a restaurant waiter charged in Westchester County with a felony charge of grand larceny. Mr. Perez was able to negotiate the charge from a felony all the way down to a non-criminal violation plea, maintaining the client's clean criminal record and protecting him from serious immigration consequences.

    • School Bus Matron Charged with Physically Assaulting a Child on the School Bus Not Guilty After Trial

      Mr. Perez defended a school bus matron charged with physically assaulting a child on the school bus. The case went to trial and Mr. Perez achieved a not guilty verdict on all criminal charges, preserving his client's clean criminal record.

    • Two Brothers and Their Mother on Robbery Charges in Queens County Dismissal of All Criminal Charges

      Mr. Perez represented two brothers and their mother on robbery charges in Queens County. The clients' family could only bail out the mother, so the brothers faced the possibility of remaining in jail until their cases went to trial some 10 to 12 months later. After a thorough investigation, Mr. Perez decided to prepare and present his clients in the grand jury five days after their arraignment. Mr. Perez and his assistant prepared the clients for their grand jury testimony and all ultimately won a dismissal of all criminal charges during the grand jury phase, securing his client's release from jail.