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Modifications to Spousal Support

It is the goal in any divorce to achieve a settlement that is fair for both parties in the months and years after the end of the marriage. In many cases, as life changes, it could be necessary to make a change to an existing spousal support order. Whether you have been paying spousal maintenance or receiving support, you may have encountered new circumstances in your life that require an adjustment in the monthly payment. A New York City divorce attorney can help you get the approval of the court as quickly and efficiently as possible. It isn't enough for you and your former spouse to make a verbal agreement to adjust the amount of maintenance, because if either party has a change of mind, you won't be able to enforce the agreement in court. Moreover, you can be charged with contempt of court for acting in violation of a legal order.

The court will not approve your petition unless it is clear that the change is necessary. After discussing the case with you, your lawyer will begin work on carefully drafting your request, and can represent you in court to help persuade the judge. If you lost your job, suffered a pay cut, experienced a major medical event, or need to reduce your monthly obligation for any other reason, you should not delay seeking legal help in getting a modification. Similarly, if you depend on spousal maintenance, you should get started on your modification as early as possible. The court will usually grant the request for an increased payment when there is compelling supporting evidence for the increase.

Do you need to change your spousal maintenance order?

Searching for an attorney for your family law case in New York City? You need to consult with the top family lawyer in New York City. Come to H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. for help when you need to modify a spousal maintenance order. We are extremely experienced in modifications, and can quickly review your situation and advise you what we expect the court will do regarding your request. It is important that you have a lawyer to take action before you get in any kind of trouble, either by becoming delinquent in making your payments or having a financial emergency through lack of funds.

When circumstances change after your divorce, contact a NYC modification lawyer to begin work on a petition to modify your spousal maintenance order.


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