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New York City Fraud Defense Lawyer

Need an Attorney for a Fraud Case in NYC?

Fraud is a very broad term that covers various charges that involve deceiving another or others for the purpose of personal or monetary gain. There are three general categories for types of fraud. Consumer fraud involves things like identity theft, Ponzi schemes, credit card theft, securities fraud and check fraud. Mail fraud and crimes committed using phone lines or internet, as in wire fraud, would classify it as a federal crime.

The next category, employee fraud, would include embezzling funds or accepting bribes. The last category includes fraud against the government or another business. It would include tax fraud, tax evasion, Medicare or Social Security fraud, counterfeiting currency and welfare fraud.

As you can see, fraud covers a very broad spectrum and if you or someone close to you has been charged with fraud or is being investigated for fraud, you want a NYC fraud defense attorney who has experience in all categories and has a proven, successful record.

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We have been assisting people for years in the NY city area when they have been accused of committing fraud. In order to get a conviction, the prosecution must prove that there was an intention to deceive and profit from the deception. We will immediately review all purported evidence against you and energetically work to counter it. Building a strong criminal defense on your behalf requires action as soon as possible.


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