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Counterfeit Tax Stamps

NYC Counterfeit Crime Attorney

Certain items require a tax stamp to show that a tax has been paid to the government by the business selling the items. These items include alcohol, tobacco, drugs and medicines, firearm registrations and hunting licenses. In an attempt to avoid paying the high taxes on these items, counterfeit tax stamps are purchased and used to make it appear that the tax has been paid.

It is a serious charge with serious penalties. A conviction of tax stamp counterfeiting can result in a fine as high as $50,000 and/or prison time from one to ten years. If you are under investigation for dealing in counterfeit tax stamps, or charges have been brought against you, you need the services of a New York City criminal lawyer from our office immediately.

Do not hesitate to get professional legal counsel well-versed in these types of legal issues. Under certain circumstances, the charges brought can include tax avoidance charges. This will make the matter more complex and you will want to make sure that the legal team on your side is resourceful and has a proven record in this area of the law.

White Collar Defense in New York City

Cases concerning taxes, depending on the circumstances, can be held in state court or federal court. Not all attorneys are skilled or seasoned in federal court procedures. They are different than state court. You will need an attorney that is strong in both. At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we take pride in the results we have gotten for our clients in counterfeit tax stamp cases.

Since the huge increases in cigarette taxes, counterfeit cigarettes and counterfeit tax stamps for cigarettes have become much more prevalent. Law enforcement is pursuing these cases aggressively.

Law enforcement is pursuing these cases aggressively, you will want to match that level in your legal representation. Contact us today.


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