New Study: Divorce Can Be Contagious

Often times it may seem as though the failure of one couple's marriage is quickly followed by announcements that other couples within their sphere of influence have also decided to call it quits. It is easy to simply write off such a phenomenon as being the result of coincidence rather than there being an actual causal link. But, according to a newly released university study, there may be more to the contention than originally thought.

A study, which collected data from thousands of people over 30 years, was recently published by researchers at Brown University. It found that 75% of study respondents were more likely to get divorced if they had a friend who was divorced, and 33% were more likely to divorce if a friend of a friend ended their marriage. In light of the findings researchers have concluded that divorce may be, for lack of a better term, contagious.

The findings may help explain why certain areas have higher divorce rates than others, and certain countries experience more divorce overall than neighboring countries. Researchers say that the data suggests that living in a community with low divorce rates can dramatically strengthen a couple's likelihood of staying married.

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