Important Paperwork for Child Custody Cases

Are you seeking custody of your children? If you are considering filing a child custody case with the court then there are a few important things to prepare and take with you to your hearings. Family law cases and be complex, especially with all the legal paperwork, deadlines and regulations that you have to follow.

With an experienced NYC divorce attorney by your side you will be informed of exactly what you need to bring to court, how the legal paperwork should be filled out and when it should be filed. These are all essential factors in child custody cases because if they are done incorrectly or you miss a step it could cause a serious delay in your case.

So here is a friendly, helpful tip from our New York City divorce lawyer at the firm. There are a few important documents that you must bring with you to court hearings, including:

  • The birth certificates for all of your children
  • The judgment of divorce paperwork

If these documents are missing or you forget to bring them to court with you for your custody hearing, then the judge may refuse to address your case and could even have the hearing rescheduled.

Family law judges will often request this type of legal paperwork while in court and they are vital to keep the process moving forward. Remembering little things such as these will help avoid delays in your case and assist in swiftly resolving your family law matter so that you can get back to living your life.

Get Legal Guidance from an NYC Child Custody Lawyer

If you are unfamiliar with the child custody court process, then it is definitely in your best interests to obtain an experienced family law attorney sooner rather than later. This can help boost your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court and resolving your family issue in a timely manner. Contact us here at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. today to speak with our NYC divorce lawyer. Your initial consultation is free!

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