World Trade Center BASE Jump Stunt Lands Four Behind Bars

Four men were arrested on Monday on allegations that they had illegally entered the newly constructed World Trade Center to perform a BASE jumping stunt. The men, all from the New York area, are facing charges including reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure.

The four men, one of which served as a look out, conducted the BASE jump in September 2013. They were able to gain access to the building because one of the accused was working on a construction crew at the site during that time. He claims that there was very little security at the building, and that it was relatively easy for the team to pull off the stunt.

The World Trade Center, currently the nation's tallest structure, was the site of controversy just days ago after a 16 year-old teen was able to sneak past security guards, and eventually enter the building and access the 104th floor. He was also arrested and is facing trespassing charges.

With the revelation of these security breaches, critics are beginning to seriously question the security surrounding the building, which is reportedly being tightly guarded due to its symbolic nature. In order to attempt to deter others from illegally accessing the WTC, officials are expected to send a message when prosecuting the men. To that end Joseph Dunne, Port Authority Chief Security Officer, was quoted as saying "It should be clear that the PAPD and NYPD will go to any length to bring those who defile the WTC site to justice."

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