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Statistics show that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is costly and emotionally stressful. Fighting in court over assets and debt greatly adds to the stress and expense of separating assets and liabilities. This can be avoided by retaining a prominent NYC divorce attorney to prepare a prenuptial agreement to simplify the process should the marriage end in divorce. Winners of the Avvo® Clients Choice Award, the NYC law firm of H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience in drafting prenups that are far more likely to survive a later court challenge.

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Discussing the need for a prenuptial agreement does not have to be awkward. A sensible couple will discuss financial matters before marriage to avoid any surprises that can lead to future issues or disagreements. Prenup agreements are intended to protect both parties to the agreement.

In the past, the perception has been that these agreements were weighted against the wife. This is not so today. The prenup can cover the assets that both parties are bringing into the marriage as well debts. Professional degrees are part of any prenuptial agreement and can be used to quantify future support issues.

Prenuptial agreements also protect the inheritance rights of any children. It is very common to have children from former marriages become part of the new family unit. One partner may be expecting a large inheritance that is not part of the joint assets of the marriage. Business ventures may need to be isolated from the joint assets. Once these issues are committed to an agreed prenuptial agreement, the marriage can continue without contentions issues clouding the communication between partners.

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Our extensive trial experience has afforded us the opportunity of seeing the result of bad planning prior to entering into the marriage contract. Our legal team uses this experience to create bullet-proof prenuptial agreements that simplify the divorce process if it occurs later. The expense of divorce is greatly reduced when issues of ownership of assets and agreements on support have been previously determined. Let our prenup lawyers in NYC provide you with the extraordinary service we have provided to thousands of people.

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    “Simply an outstanding Counsel! Knowledgeable, very determine, trustworthy, dedicated to his profession and always willing to schedule an appointment with you to address any questions or concerns you ...”

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    Throughout the entire case he was very easy to reach and kept me in the loop the whole time.

    “Throughout the entire case he was very easy to reach and kept me in the loop the whole time. ”

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    “If the need arises do not hesitate to contact them, you will be in good hands.”

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    “Thank you Mr. Perez for giving me my life back!”

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