Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

On June 26th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled – in an incredibly narrow 5 to 4 vote – that same-sex couples have the right to marry all across the country. The ruling will officially put an end to the bans on same-sex marriage that 14 states had maintained until that day. The controversy surrounding the decision stems from there.

Many people who oppose the ruling cite that it is an obvious infringement upon the rights of states who had voted and decidedly banned same-sex marriage. Others felt that it would be a violation of religious freedoms to allow same-sex couples to enter what they saw as a sanctimonious institution.

Supporters of the decision argue that marriage is a symbol of true happiness and love between two individuals. By denying the right to marry based on their gender, they felt it was a violation of their liberty to pursue happiness.

Opinions Aside: What Else Is Changing?

Both sides of the controversial decision have their reasons behind their arguments, and there is sure to be turmoil about the ruling for quite some time to come. But looking at the situation objectively, what else is going to be altered, other than the right to marriage?

Most notably, and perhaps even ironically, same-sex couples may now file for divorce in any state, regardless of where they were originally married. To many, this comes as a huge relief, as they were trapped in marriages they wanted to dissolve but couldn’t due to state boundaries. Other portions of family law might be modified to reflect the decision as well, such as child custody and fathers’ rights, but there is no strong indication of exactly what will happen as of yet.

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