Russian Oligarch's Wife Awarded $4.8 Billion in Settlement - New Yorkers Take Notice

The New York Daily News is reporting that the ex-wife of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has been awarded $4.8 billion, in what is being called the largest divorce award in history. 47 year-old Elena Rybolovlev was given the ruling by a Swiss court, in a settlement that will see her take more than half of Rybolovlev's estimated $8.8 billion fortune. Additionally, reports indicate that Elena may attempt to use the ruling in order to take control of her ex-husband's $88 million apartment in Central Park West. Elena was also awarded custody of the couple's 13 year old daughter Anna.

According to published reports Elena filed to divorce Rybolovlev five years ago as a result of numerous instances of infidelity. After the filing Elena reportedly tried to have Rybolovlev's bank accounts frozen, and he in turn went on a lavish spending spree, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on real estate, and even buying a share of a French soccer league team. Elena is said to have initiated court proceedings in New York, Hawaii, and Florida in order to prevent Rybolovlev from transferring assets during the divorce proceedings.

Rybolovlev's lawyer says that the judgment will definitely be appealed, and should not be considered final.

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