Writer Michael Wolff Files for Divorce without Informing His Wife

Biographer and USA Today media critic, Michael Wolff, recently filed for divorce from his wife, Alison Anthoine, after separating from her in 2009. But according to published reports, Wolff never informed her of the action, and news of the filing took her by surprise.

The writer is reported to have left his attorney spouse in 2009 for a then 28 year-old intern named Victoria Floethe. According to published reports which cite court records, the author, who also writes for Vanity Fair, filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court last week without informing his estranged wife. Apparently Anthoine first learned of the divorce action after being contacted by the website Gawker.com. When asked to comment on the filing she at first insisted that Wolff had not filed for divorce. Representatives for the site then produced evidence of the legal action, prompting Anthoine to say "this is the first time I've heard of it."

In an ironic twist, Wolff is known for writing about the private lives, including marriages and divorces, of various media tycoons such as Silvio Berlusconi and Rupert Murdoch. But when contacted for comment on his divorce proceedings Wolff declined.

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