New York Authorities Announce Major Gang Bust

New York police recently conducted one of the largest gang busts in the city's history, arresting dozens of men in a major sweep.

Approximately 500 officers stormed the Manhattanville and General Grant houses before dawn last week, looking for suspects in a violent gang war which has been waged for a period of over a decade.

Police arrested members of various street gangs, with names such as "3Staccs," and its rival gangs "Make It Happen Boys" and "Money Avenue." In all, cops arrested 40 people who are alleged to have been affiliated with the groups. Additionally, police arrested 40 suspects who were already incarcerated on other charges, and continue to seek approximately 20 more.

One of the most prominent victims of the violent turf wars was 18 year old basketball prospect Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy, who was killed in 2012 when a trio of Manhattanville members went to seek vengeance on an innocent victim from Grant, after one of their own members was beat up.

Over the past four years the three gangs were allegedly responsible for seventy non-fatal shootings and two murders.

Just last month the DA's Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit, which is spearheading the crackdown, announced the guilty pleas of two gang members who were involved in the feud between Johnson and Taft houses.

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