What Types of Sex Crimes Require Sex Offender Registration?

The state of New York requires that any individual who has been convicted of a registerable sexual offense on or after January 21st, 1996, and has completed his or her incarceration or probation, must register as a sex offender upon his or her return to the community. Even those individuals who were convicted of sex crimes in other jurisdictions or states are required to register with the New York State Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders as soon as they establish residence in New York City or any other location in New York.

Those sexual offenses that are deemed "registerable" by New York State Penal Law statutes include sexual misconduct, luring a child, rape, criminal sexual acts, sodomy, forcible touching, sexual abuse, persistent or aggravated sexual abuse, sexual conduct against a child, facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance, predatory sexual assault, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, patronizing a prostitute, promoting or compelling prostitution, sex trafficking, disseminating indecent material to minors, incest, unlawful surveillance and more. The class of the sexual offense, and the associated penalties vary depending on whether the crime is a fourth, third, second or first degree offense. All of the above sex crimes require sex offender registration upon conviction.

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