Gang Crimes in New York City

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Looking for a lawyer for gang assault in NYC? Any crime that intentionally causes injury to another person wherein the alleged perpetrator is aided by 2 or more other persons in the commission of the crime can be charged as a gang assault crime.

Gang assault is a serious crime and its conviction can carry severe punishment including prison time of up to 25 years. Don't trust your future freedom to anyone but the best. Contact a NYC criminal defense lawyer from our firm today to start crafting a successful strategy for your defense.

Penalties for Gang Assault in New York

The crime of gang assault is broken up into first degree and second degree in New York. Again, in order for it to constitute a gang assault charge, two or more people must have commissioned the act. The penalties for this crime are as follows:

Second Degree Gang Assault:
This means that the gang caused physical injury to the victim during the assault. In New York this is considered to be a Class C felony and it could lead to a 15 year prison sentence.

First Degree Gang Assault:
When a gang of two or more people attacks an individual and intentionally causes them serious injury, then it is considered first degree gang assault. This particular charge is categorized as a Class B felony which is punishable for up to 25 years in a state prison.

Remember that a gang assault crime does not need to involve gang activity in order to constitute a criminal charge. The "gang" is in reference to the number of people working together in commission of the violent crime. If you or someone you know is facing gang assault charges, contact our firm immediately to protect your rights against the prosecution.

Protecting Those Accused of Gang Crimes

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