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Applying for US citizenship is lengthy and complex. Several documents, steps and legal requirements are enforced to successfully complete the naturalization process. By definition, naturalization is the process by which a non-US citizen voluntarily becomes an American citizen. While there are many benefits to becoming an American citizen, the government does not make it an easy, simple process.

Our immigration attorney is equipped with the experience and skills needed to effectively navigate and complete the naturalization process. Contact us today.

Understanding the US Naturalization Process

Frankly, the US makes naturalization applicants work hard to become legal citizens. You need a committed, diligent and honest attorney who understands the process inside and out: We are the right people to help you. At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we can help you save time and hassle by walking you through the process and ensuring your rights are protected at all times.

What steps are involved in the naturalization process? Here’s an overview of the 10 steps:

  1. Determine if you are already a US citizen
  2. Determine your eligibility to become a US citizen
  3. Prepare Form N-400 to apply for naturalization
  4. Submit Form N-400
  5. Go to the biometrics appointment, if applicable
  6. Complete the interview
  7. Application continuation, if applicable
  8. Receive a decision from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization
  9. You may be granted or denied
  10. Receive a notice to take the Oath of Allegiance
  11. Take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States
  12. Understand U.S. citizenship

As straightforward as these 10 steps may seem, things can get complicated quickly. You will likely have questions and concerns with the legal paperwork and requirements involved, which is something we are confident we can help with. To date, we have helped countless clients become US citizens and are happy to help you achieve the American Dream as well.

Complications with US Naturalization

To even be considered for naturalization, you must meet the eligibility requirements:

Our goal is to help you understand each step of the naturalization process while giving you an in-depth understanding of your options and legal rights (yes, you have rights as an applicant).

Dedicated to Helping You Become a Legal US Citizen

You might wonder why you should trust H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. for legal counsel during this complicated yet critical time in your life. To start, we are a compassionate team that obtains an extensive track record of success, and we have proven our ability to advocate for our clients with respect, tenacity and professionalism. We also take the time to listen carefully and attentively to each client, because to us, you are not just another case number: You are a valued human being.

Count on us to help guide you through the naturalization process and better help you achieve this life-changing status as a US citizen. You deserve it. Contact us online or call (646) 770-0989 now!

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