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Do I qualify for uncontested divorce?

When a couple determines that a legal termination of their marriage will be best for them and everyone involved, the divorce process can officially begin. What many people are initially unaware of is that this process can go in one of two very different directions: contested divorce or uncontested divorce. Almost 95% of U.S. divorces are settled without being contested so the questions you have about qualifying for an uncontested divorce are both valid and natural.

There are many factors that go into the ultimate determination of whether or not a divorce will be contested; a NYC divorce attorney can provide you with in-depth information regarding every circumstance surrounding a divorce of no contest. Essentially, when two people decide to dissolve a marriage they must agree upon issues of asset division, child custody and visitation rights (if the couple has children) and spousal maintenance.

If all of these terms can be agreed upon without the need for mediation, then the divorce will be considered uncontested. Only individuals who are able to settle all differences regarding any issue involved in the divorce process will qualify for this type of legal dissolution.

Seek Our New York City Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

An extensive list of questions needs to be asked and thoughtfully considered in order to determine if you and your spouse are prime candidates for a divorce of no contest. While these questions may seem easy to ascertain and answer, attempting to do so without the help of lawyer will quickly prove to be more difficult than you might have imagined. It is for this very reason that many people choose to hire a New York City uncontested divorce attorney even though their situation may not require legal help with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or something else of that nature.

Need an attorney for your uncontested divorce in NYC?

Seek the help of the most experienced divorce attorney in New York City. At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., our experienced team of professionals are on hand to attend to the needs of any individual trying to navigate their way through the divorce process. Whether this means ensuring that equitable distribution of assets is appropriately handled or helping someone legally change their name after the divorce becomes official, we are here to help.

We know just how difficult it can be to end a marriage and to know what exactly qualifies you for any given situation associated with the process. Therefore, we do everything in our power to ensure that you are fairly, professionally and supportively represented by an associated at our firm.

Do not hesitate to contact our firm to learn if you qualify for an uncontested divorce.


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