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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in NYC

Staying in Control of Your Divorce Requires Cooperation.

Divorce proceedings can get very heated, particularly when the issue of child custody, spousal maintenance and visitation are discussed. Experienced legal guidance will eliminate much of the stress and strain connected with finalizing marriage dissolution. Our effective negotiation strategy has come about through years of assisting divorcing couples through a very difficult process. Contact H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. to arrange for an initial case evaluation. Our firm has achieved a perfect 10 rating from the independent legal rating company Avvo® for good reason.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Expensive and stressful divorces are expensive and time consuming. Contested divorce is becoming less frequent, resulting in faster divorce proceedings. If the spouses can participate in a negotiation conference in our offices, all divorce issues can be discussed and ultimately agreed upon.

With the help of one of our skilled attorneys, we can help you resolve the following issues:

Division of the assets accumulated in the marriage and who will be responsible for the bills will also be addressed and resolved. Moderating such meetings is part of our service for uncontested divorces. Our firm does not expect you to negotiate these issues without assistance.

After everything has been worked out, we can prepare the Court Orders, have the terms reviewed by the divorcing parties and signed by the family court judge. That is the easiest type of divorce which costs far less in emotional stress and finances.

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When children are involved it will be beneficial to them to know their parents were able to sit down and negotiate all issues related to dissolution of the marriage. You may not be best friends after the process is completed, but you will have saved yourself much time and money and unnecessary stress by sitting across a conference table rather than sitting on opposite aisles of a courtroom.

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