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Mediation Lawyer in NYC

Divorce Mediation: Resolving a Divorce without Litigation in New York City

There are opportunities to resolve the major issues in a divorce without the need for trial. One of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution is mediation. In mediation, a neutral mediator works with both parties in an effort to get all the issues resolved, and is far more affordable than taking a case to trial for a decision.

If your marriage is coming to an end and you and your spouse have issues that have been difficult to resolve, at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we offer professional mediation services. In mediation, the goal is to bring the two parties together with a neutral professional who can guide the process forward to resolution of the critical points that are not yet resolved, whether child support, child custody, spousal support, property division or other matter.

NYC Mediation Attorney

As the mediator is not advocating for either "side" but is also a highly skilled family law attorney who is familiar with state law and how the courts make decisions, it can be an extremely valuable tool for those who wish to avoid the costs and stress of litigation. Once the agreements are in place, the divorce can move forward, and the agreement issued to the court for final approval. This process allows the two parties to be in control of the crucial decisions that must be made when a marriage comes to an end, and to work together towards a compromise that is acceptable to both.

The settlements reached through mediation are often far superior to a court order that is imposed after trial. It is impossible for a judge to fully understand the dynamics of your specific relationship, and most often, formulas and state guidelines are implemented to resolve the major issues that are in contention. A settlement or agreement that comes about through mediation is more likely to be adhered to by the two parties, as both were involved in the process. There is also the option of a collaborative divorce, which is another alternative to litigation.

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