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High Net Worth Divorce in NYC

NYC Divorce Lawyer - High Net Worth Divorce Cases

A high net worth couple facing divorce has complex financial matters to resolve in a divorce, particularly in marriages of long duration, or in marriages with children. The financial issues related to property division can be far from simple, as well as matters of child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. The resolution to these crucial issues can be accomplished through negotiating the terms of the settlement with the opposing attorney, through the collaborative divorce process, or in court.

Litigation may be inevitable, as unreasonable demands leave no alternative. If there are matters in contention and there appears to be no possibility of achieving an agreement through alternative dispute resolution or negotiating a compromise agreeable to both parties, it is imperative that you have the highest quality divorce litigator representing you and protecting your interests.

Divorce in High Net Worth Cases in NYC

A full valuation of the finances of each party will be necessary, and an equitable distribution of the marital property worked out. There may be the ability to achieve a settlement with a one-time payment that will resolve the financial issues in the divorce, allowing you to move on with your life without a long, stressful and costly court battle. The skill with which your case is managed is extremely important with regard to the final outcome. Our firm has access to some of the most respected and qualified professional resources in forensic accounting, property valuation and all other issues related to the dissolution of marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can be challenged; there can be claims related to the comingling of funds, or contributions to the marriage in raising children, and many other issues that must be resolved. All marital property will be divided as fairly as possible, termed "equitable distribution." It is often far superior for both parties to negotiate a settlement without involving the court. It may currently appear that there is no hope of coming to a compromise, but our NYC divorce lawyer has the skills to attempt to get the matters in contention back on the table and into discussion.

We have achieved many favorable outcomes in high net worth divorce cases, and we invite you to contact us for more information and an initial consultation.


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