The 14-Year Divorce Case that Will Not Die

It is not uncommon for divorce cases to take two, three, or even four years to resolve. But the state of New York is currently seeing one of the longest divorce proceedings in the state's history, a proceeding which has been underway for well over a decade.

73 year old Joseph Yerushalmi and his wife, 66 year-old Malka, have been in the process of divorce for the last 14 years. During that time Yerushalmi, a former lawyer who used to have offices in Amsterdam and Israel, has reportedly been paying Malka $15,000 per month in maintenance costs and legal fees. Yerushalmi contends that his wife is delaying the finalization of the divorce in order to continue to collect these monthly remittances. Yerushalmi also claims that Malka misrepresented her net worth by concealing her $1.2 million claim to her father's California estate.

Yerushalmi says that he lives in a mansion which he cannot afford to sell until the divorce proceedings are finalized. When referring to the monthly costs associated with maintaining the mansion, he stated "I am retired with no income but social security to pay this tremendous amount of money."

Many wonder how the divorce could have dragged on for so long. Apparently, a number of motions have caused the divorce proceedings to be continuously delayed, and most recently a trial which was scheduled to take place in 2013 was postponed.

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