NYC City Child Support Lawyer

Legal Representation for Child Support Matters in NYC

One of the issues that can arise in a divorce, often of great concern, is the amount of child support that will be paid by one parent to the other. Working out the details regarding child support can be stressful when one parent needs support, or is concerned about being forced to pay an exorbitant amount in child support.

  • In some cases, no child support is ordered, as both parents are employed and have a similar income, and the custody of the children is shared between the two on an equal basis.
  • In other cases, one parent may have been the main caregiver, while the other parent focused time and energy on career and earning a living to support the family.

At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we have over 20 years of experience in child support legal issues, and we can review your situation against state law, and advise you what to expect, based upon your individual circumstances. Contact our NYC divorce lawyers today to schedule an appointment and discuss the details of your case.

Need to go to court to resolve a child custody dispute?

There are cases in which the issue of child custody is in contention, particularly in a divorce that involves high net worth divorce. How the court could come to a decision will be influenced by the skill with which the case is presented to the court, and the evidence and testimony presented that supports the case for a specific level of child support.

Generally, it can be assumed, that the court will focus on the following aspects:

Four siblings
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the child(ren) during the term of the marriage
  • The income earning capacity of each parent
  • The needs of the children with regard to education and other predicted expenses
  • Issues related to health insurance are also reviewed to determine which parent should pay

How to Modify Child Support

To obtain a modification the court must see a substantial change in circumstances affecting the order. For example, if a supported spouse remarries or begins to cohabit with another person, the maintenance order can be terminated. If a child develops special needs requiring additional support, a modification of the child support can be requested. Other circumstances could include:

  • One of the parents being convicted of a crime;
  • Alcohol or drug abuse affecting child custody;
  • Creating parental alienation;
  • A supported spouse receives a promotion or another job increasing income;
  • One of the parents relocating far from the other parent.

Modification isn't automatic, and must be presented to the court in a compelling manner in order to succeed. We have been successfully working with the family courts for many years. With the assistance of a highly skilled NYC divorce attorney from H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. you can proceed with confidence. The facts of your case will be clearly presented in a way that will ensure the court will listen.

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