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Asset Division and Equitable Distribution in a NYC Divorce

The disagreements which ensue over the equitable division of marital assets is probably the single most significant factor causing lengthy, protracted legal battles in divorce cases. What begins as an uncontested divorce can unravel when financial disclosures are made, revealing previously unknown information to either spouse. The resulting court battle which can develop also inevitably increases each party's legal fees.

How to Efficiently Divide the Marital Assets

Money being ripped apart when dividing assets in divorce

In order to avoid these pitfalls, it is always advisable for the parties to seek an agreement governing their marital asset distribution through mediation or a collaborative divorce. Because the courts are so inundated with cases, judges truly prefer to be managing an uncontested divorce as opposed to a contested divorce.

At the New York City law offices of H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. we have been assisting couples with collaborative divorces and mediation for years, with successful results for all parties concerned. Whether your marital estate is small, or you have a high net worth estate, agreeing to an asset division can save an incredible amount of time, money and stress.

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